Carole Wilde Jackson is a feminist, nature loving artist and writer living in coastal Georgia. Born in 1962, she grew up in Tampa Florida. She attended the University of South Florida earning a BA of Fine Art and a degree in Gerontology. Her art appeared in two shows during her senior year with her sculpture, "Our Dance: A Game", receiving the Las Dammes de Arte Award at the USF Twelfth Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Both works dealt with women as hospitable, compliant provider of all things required by men; preparation and serving of meals, sex, bearing and nurturing of children, the luxury of beauty . . . All provided with a smile while the woman dismisses her own needs. Carole became a single mother her senior year. She earned her way in the world working in public education.

   After years of struggling against institutional inequalities, Carole pursued art as change agent. Wilde Jackson believes that creative expression is essential for Woman to reclaim her authentic self from patriarchal systematic oppression. She desires communal experiences where women share art, story, ritual, healing. Her works portray feminine stregth and beauty, exploring the tribal stories of women and the magic healing power of femine energy. 

Interview Link

. . . an interview with Savannah Now featuring her solo show, "Sacred Feminine"