The Community

Carole, together with Tybee Island artists of all ages, organized a group project for the island beaches. As a means to educate the beach visitors on the fragility of the seaside ecosystem and  wildlife the group donated their time to design and paint a series of signs. 

Tybee Island Environmental Education Signs

  . . .   This is an artist that truly captures and merges a world of creative visuals and thought exposing her world/our world of self, of sharing,  of healing,

of giving back . . . 

Art . Teaching . Volunteering
Art is donated throughout the year supporting community causes . . . Girls Night Inn
Rising Tyde Food Bank
All proceeds of the sale of Carole's art go directly to each group. 
The logo, seen at right, was designed and donated by Carole for the Tybee Island Farmer's Market-
a non-profit group supporting
local farmers.

Carole Wilde Jackson, Tybee Island, GA, offers through her art and words conceptualizations of our global community- her life's paths often parallel our own. She plants her seeds into one's thoughts the importance of maintaining our world for those who visit long after we have moved on . . .