Reflection . Renewal . Refocus

Each New Moon provides a calm and peaceful space for reflection, introspection and moving toward manifesting that which you desire in your life. Sacred space is held and the session provides an introduction to the lunar phases, utilizing power in your life journey, specifics on the energy and planetary implifications of this month's New Moon (each occurs in a zodiac sign that dictates the energy of that New Moon), a clearing meditation, release ritual, and time to focus on the seeds you want to plant this lunar cycle.

" The Moon is a powerful source of energy!

   Just observe the ocean tides  .  .  .  

Learn to plug into and utilize this creative energy force." -cwj

Utilize this New Moon energy to ignite your inner artist!
  • Explore lunar phases and their energy.
  • Delve into the implications of the current New Moon
  • Begin monthly practice of reflection/renewal/refocus!
  • Plant a seed to manifest what you desire in your life.
  • Enjoy meditation/clearing ritual- bring a yoga mat or towel
  • Create a visual to guide and focus this month's life journey.
  • Materials are provided for making your Creation for Manifestation.

Culminating Activity  .  .  .

Each participant is invited to create a personalized visual work to help maintain focus on manifesting intentions for the month.

All materials are provided.

Please, Join Us!  .  .  .

Gatherings usually occur on the day of the New Moon or one or two days prior.

Group size is limited.

Reservations are required by contacting

.  .  .  .  .  TENTATIVE REMAINING 2016 DATES  .  .  .  .  .
O6/04, 07/03, 08/02, 09/01, 09/30, 10/30, 11/29, 12/29
.  .  .  LOCATION  .  .  .  
Tybee Arts Association Building   .   7 Cedarwood Drive  .  Tybee Isalnd Georgia  31328

.  .  .  Cost $20  .  .  .

Please bring a yoga mat or towel.