Carole is an accomplished artist and poet. Her work evokes an inner sanctum of disruption, peace, life . . . Her contemporary visualizations rooted in

ancient atmospheres offer us a deeper look into self-

to think, to heal, to be.

Sacred Feminine Show

March 2015 . Savannah Georgia

. . . "My current body of work involves understanding and conceptualizing ideas related to Mother Earth, the sacred feminine and nurturing qualities devalued by society. Painting, sculpting with clay, combining raku-fired pieces with fabric collage, text, and using wire and natural objects I seek to create images that portray feminine strength. Using mostly earth tones and muted colors I paint goddess images, construct tribal stories. I explore the magic healing power of feminine energy and invite you along this journey." .  .  .

. . . "My hope is we leave more willing to honor (our Mother)  

...... and live in peace."