"My symbol turtles come from my love of sea turtles, the beautiful multi-cultural stories of their lessons for people and my belief that we can learn a lot by observing the amazing creatures of the ocean!"

Symbol Turtles .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
- "Original Symbol"- top right
    acrylic & "Sharpie" on textured paper
    21 x 31     
- "Centered Symbol"- seen below the
   "Original Symbol" .  acrylic on canvas
    24 x 36
- "Coral Ankh"- top left
    acrylic & "Sharpie" on paper 8 x 8
- "Ocean Shades" above right
    acrylic on paper, matted & framed
    11 x 14
- "Wings"- above right
    acrylic on canvas 16 x 20
- Earrings- silver or copper base
- Notecards- 5 different images, blank
                     inside . $15.00 per package
" Summer of 2013, while on Tybee beach, we spotted a sea turtle swimming!
It seemed to lift a flipper and wave in our direction. We waved back- very exciting! .  .  .  
  I have always felt a connection with turtles and love watching them, learning about them, and using them in my artwork. Sea turtles have been used throughout the ages as a symbol of creation, strength, fertility, resilience, endurance, and they are said to bring happiness and good
fortune! I believe the sea turtle continues to patiently and
persistently alert us to the need to be mindful, caring, and respectful
of our world so that we each might live life more fully and preserve
life for those who will come after we are gone. I was inspired to paint
my own sea turtles incorporating meaningful symbols that share
messages from the turtle...."
Listen to the Turtle!